Physical Gestures to Diferentiate Should, Could and Might

This is Part I, Part II to follow.

Part I is:

First you divide the page or whiteboard etc.  One side has a question mark at the top.  The other side has a period at the top.

Make use of different colours for writing the different modals.

First, under the “?” you write Should.  You brainstorm a gesture that they think is best for when they don’t know what to do in a certain situation, and they are consulting their friend, etc. for the best course of action.  Write down the one they decide on.

You then write Could.  You need a gesture for when they are asking for permission for something.

On the second half, under the “.” you write Should.  Now you must decide on a gesture for when an adult is lecturing them.

Next, Could.  Here you need a gesture for when they are feeling very positive about a potential that they see.  May have to use animated t.v. characters as a recourse—what gestures do they make when in this situation?

Lastly, Might.  Here you need a gesture for “maybe”.


Now they may have to draw pictures at the bottom to remember what each description of each gesture means.

Now you drill them on being able to use the correct gesture, when you say one of the words *separate the “?” drill from the “.” drill.  First do the “?” drill.

Continuing the “?” drill, now you make sentences, and they have to do the correct gesture depending on the modal that they hear.

Then they make sentences and the rest of us have to do the proper gesture.

Now drill “.”

That’s all for today, the second part of this to come next week.

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